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Friso Gold Privileges

Begin your journey of rewards with your purchase of Friso Gold 3 or Friso Gold 4. You’ll enjoy savings of up to RM100.


Getting rewarded is easy!

To enjoy what's in store for you, all you need to do is register your details at selected outlets and your journey of rewards begin.

T&C applied


Earning Points Is Even Easier!

You will be awarded with points for every purchase of Friso Gold 3 and Friso Gold 4, which you can use to enjoy great savings!

*Each Program member will be limited to purchasing a maximum of 24 units/month of any of the following Friso Gold products: Friso Gold 3 (900g), Friso Gold 3 (1.2kg), Friso Gold 4 (900g), Friso Gold 4 (1.2kg). Any purchase above the maximum of 24 units can still be made, but no further loyalty member points will be awarded for that month.

How to earn points?


Purchase Friso Gold 3 or Friso Gold 4 1.2kg


Purchase Friso Gold 3 or Friso Gold 4 900g  

Turn your points into savings!


Example of points redemption


RM35 off your purchase of Friso Gold 3 and Friso Gold 4


RM1 off your purchase of Friso Gold 3 and Friso Gold 4

Minimum points required to make a redemption: 35 points
Maximum points that can be used for each redemption: 100 points